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My name is Walter Webb, the founder of iNNOVATION i/o and a mechanical design engineer. I am very humble to say I am lucky to have a natural instinct for product development. I could boast 30 years of experience but really what does that mean? I know guys with this much of experience and still have not learned anything. In my early years I was a contract engineer which basically means I traveled to different companies to assist in design needs. My thought all along was to learn a broad range of experience in all fields such as Aerospace Propulsion, Airframe Structures, Automotive, Medical, Optics including virtual reality glasses, Toys, Infant products, Pet products and general consumer products. After years of bringing new patents to corporate and handing credit over to direct employees, I finally started my own development company. I was retired once, got bored and could not give up the natural instincts of product development. I have successfully invented my own products, manufactured my own products and marketed my own products. All was a learning experience. Today I am here to help you. That’s all. There are many talented designers out here for sure but there is more than just being a great product designer. Now it is time for me to give back or “pay it forward”. My success is your success, nothing more. Posted below is my resume for your review.

Respectfully, Walter Webb


CADD Experience: Pro/Engineer (23 years)

Summary of Experience:
Military gas turbine engines, turbine nozzles, ignitors, after burners, aircraft interiors, rocket fuel pumps, rocket engines, helicopter cluster clutches, cryogenic gear test rigs, automotive drive trains, residential refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, micro computers, automation machinery, truck tires, portable power tools, hand held 2-way radio, industrial and automotive electrical connectors and wiring harnesses, overmolds, virtual reality head sets, medical respirators, portable battery packs, various electronic enclosures, microphones, tactile switches and prototype portable keyboards, baby toys, nanotechnology hand held devices for airport security, billiard training devices, knives, salon products, sprinklers, internet business and web design. Assignments consisted of project lead, cost analysis, budgets, testing, FEA, vendor sourcing, product approval, manufacturing implementation, prototyping, system administration and computer software training. Experienced to handle project from concept, production to marketing.


10/11-Present Innovation I/O llc – Asheville, NC
Owner of new product development and manufacturing company. Products developed but not limited to are knives (balisong), Hydropower LED yard sprinkler going into home depot/lowes, bearing cage systems, billiard training devices, salon/barber electrical carriage product.
Consultant to Globe Tracker International.

05/11-09/11 Microtech Small Arms Research- Asheville, NC
Director of Operations and Sr. Design Engineer. Acting as interim DOO and Sr. ME. Implemented
Procedures of manufacturing and new products to existing product lines. Redesigned E4 and STG
.223 Pup rifle and set up manufacturing for implementation. Designed various accessories for E4
STG. Designed .22cal hand gun for MSAR. Designed various new lines of knives for Microtech
and also under water Titanium flashlight

08-08-Present Walliebabies Inc. – Asheville, NC
Director/ Owner of new product development and marketing of an infant development company. Utilizing Pro/E Wildfire designing plastic components. Duties included but not limited to discovering new products for the company to develop, implementing offshore manufacturing and implementing marketing in USA, China, EU (Russia and Ukraine. Also implemented branding and all packaging.

09/02-08/08 Borg Warner Turbo Chargers – Asheville, NC
Under contract to design turbo chargers. Utilizing Pro/E Wildfire modeling 3D turbo
components consisting of castings and high precision machined parts. Interface with prototype facilities, manufacturing and quality control. Project scheduling and project lead at times. Responsible for the I6 VTG turbo, implementation of twin turbo packaging for military hummers and also 1.5 years implementing global design and procurement standards.

01/00 – Present Power 2 Design, Inc. – Hendersonville, NC
President/Owner: Power 2 Design is a S-Corp created to help individuals bring their ideas or concepts to reality. Several years of experience in product development enabled me to share all of my success and mistakes. This information will greatly enhance concepts to reality. Below is a list of customers I have produced designs for successfully. (continued next page list of projects)

Company Name / Project or Product Description:
Uphill Farms Inc. – Medical Hoof Boot
Uphill Farms Inc. – Horse Rider Inflatable Device
Uphill Farms Inc. – Horse Trailer Trainer
Sterling Development Inc. – Kids Portable Boom Box
CryoMed Inc. – Catheter Tube and Connector
Jason Burgee – Sonic Tooth Brush
Power 2 Design Inc. – Female External Catheter
Chocolate Labs Inc. – Airport Security Hand Held Sniffing Device utilizing Nano Technology

02/97- 04/99 All Points Engineering, Inc.- Woodinville, WA
President/ Owner: All Points Engineering is a design and prototyping firm that I started. We have
our own Stereolithography and RTV Mold machine equipment. The design team consisted of myself and one other Mech. Engr. Since the start of A.P.E. we have designed a wide variety of products and participated in various projects. Below is a list of customers we performed design services for and products that All Points successfully developed.

Company Name / Project or Product Description:
Neovision: Mammogram Scanner Machine Design and Manufacturing
Perception Ultrasound: Ultrasound Portable Machine Design and Manufacturing
Evans Rule: Hand Held Tape Measure
Rocket Development Co.: 40K Rocket Engine Design and Manufacturing
Playvisions: Various Toys. Team member of brainstorm
Progenesis: Medical Watch Design and Manufacturing
IBV Technologies: Electronic Pill Bottle Dispenser and Manufacturing
CryptoSafe: Portable Hand Held Fax Scrambler
Mackie: Music Mixing Board and Speakers
Designers Edge: Industrial Work Lights and Tripod Stands
Microvision: Seated Head Mount Virtual Reality Simulation System
Falcon Medical: Laser Pulse Oximeter
All Points Engineering: Indoor Wireless Security Lights
All Points Engineering: Heat/Cooling Register Vents
All Points Engineering: Garden Hose Hand Held Nozzle
All Points Engineering: Computer Mouse Cleaning System
All Points Engineering: Digital Measuring Calipers

09/96-02/97 Aegis Group, Inc. – Seattle, WA
Mechanical Design Engineer: Designed various Consumer and Industrial products such as industrial Photo Laser Copy Machine, Microsoft roller mouse (second generation), Music Mixing Boards and electronic switches. Utilizing Pro/E . Extensive surfacing capability.

05/94-09/96 Virtual I/O – Seattle, WA
Mechanical Design Engineer: Designing various head mounted display systems (virtual reality) which includes a head tracking system, PCB layouts, cable assemblies, various pc interface enclosures, portable battery packs, microphone enclosures, foldable keyboards, various overmolds and lightpipe design. Duties include project lead, tool vendor interface and approval for U.S. and offshore (currently managing 60 tools), first article inspection, reproduction builds, heat transfer studies for display installation. In charge of operating and maintaining our stereolithography machine (SLA250).

11/92-05/94 The Regina Company – Long Beach, MS
Sr. Design Engineer/Consultant: Project leader of new upright vacuum cleaner. Responsibilities included training and utilization of Pro/Engineer software, design, scheduling, test programs, budgeting, tool vendor selection, quality control team member and system administration advisor.

01/92-11/92 Thomas & Betts, Electrical Connector Division – Inman, SC
Product Engineer/Consultant: Trained engineering and manufacturing on Pro/Engineer. Defined interglobal CAD standards. Worked as product engineer on the development of industrial and automotive electrical connectors and wiring harnesses.

11/91-01/92 Consultant, Self-Employed
Motorola – Worked with industrial design to conceptualize and model complex shapes for a hand held 2-way radio using Pro/Engineer.
Inno Corp – Offsite design and modeling of Bissel’s hand held Electric Broom using Pro/E. This product won the 1993 National Design Award.
Bandag Tire – CAD instruction of Pro/Engineer. Modeled complex tire treads for heavy trucks.

05/91-11/91 NCR Corporation – Liberty, SC
Contract Mechanical Engineer: Assigned to mechanical design of micro computer cabinets. Worked with plastics, sheet metal, connectors and PC boards. Duties included EMI testing, system administration, Pro/Engineer instruction for application software and formatting for stereolithography. Software used: Pro/Engineer, AutoCad, COSMOS (FEA)

03/89-05/91 Whirlpool Corporation – Evansville, IN
Contract Mechanical Engineer: Research & Development of residential refrigerators. Duties included designing plastic and sheet metal parts, 3D modeling (wireframe, surfacing and solids), part cost analysis, structural analysis (ANSYS) shipping test. Software used: Pro/Engineer, ComputerVision, CATIA.

01/89-03/89 Dana Research Center of Technology – Ottawa Lake, MI
Contract Mechanical Engineer: Designed forgings and castings of CV joints for front wheel drive automobiles. Testing rigs for helicopter cluster clutches. Involved in the testing of all parts 3D modeling using CATIA for N.C. programming.

04/88-01/89 Boeing – Everett, WA
Contract Mechanical Engineer, Lead Engineer: Designed and/or reworked interior panels of the 747-400 upper deck aircraft. Involved in testing and final production parts inspections. Duties included final checking of customer requirements, part lists and database geometry using CATIA and CadKey.

06/86/-04/88 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft – West Palm Beach, FL
Contract Mechanical Design Engineer: Worked as CADD/CAM designer using ComputerVision CADDS 4x Revisions 4.0 and 5.0. Responsibilities included experimental PW5000 Engine, 2D-CD Nozzel and Stol Nozzle. All work complied with DOD-STS-100C and ANSI-Y14.5.

03/86-06/86 Allison Gas Turbine Division – Indianapolis, IN
Contract Mechanical Design Engineer: Worked in all phases of gas turbine engines. Duties included designing and detailing jet engine components of the LHX Helicopter Engine and the JVX Jet Engine, working directly from layouts. All drawings were created using lead on mylar and dimensioned to DOD-STD-100C and ANSI-Y14.5.

03/86-03/86 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Governmental Products Division – West Palm Beach, FL
Contract Mechanical Engineer: Duties included design, layouts and detailing of high speed rotating components for gas turbine engines. Cryogenic gear test rig, investment castings, sheet metal and various machined parties. Junior Desgner of RL10 Shuttle Fuel Pumps.Drawings complied with Pratt & Whitney Specs, ANSI-Y14.5.

04/82-03/85 Singer Motor Products Division – Pickens, SC
Mechanical Designer/Detailer: Research and Development working in all phases of power tools including assembly and plastic injection mold drawings, metal castings and machined parts. All drawings were tolerenced in compliance with ANSI-Y14.5 1982 Standards.